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Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Our clients sometimes approach their home renovation projects with fear. Dreams of a modern, sleek kitchen or of a bathroom that feels like a day spa can turn into nightmares when a bad contractor gets involved. But home renovation projects don’t have to be that way, especially if you hire ProCraft.

Our friendly and professional attitude precludes the perception our of peers in the contracting industry. It’s common knowledge that unprofessional contractors are a dime a dozen. Our clients worry about how they can be sure they’re hiring a true pro.

Keep in mind that ProCraft Interiors is not a single guy who works out of his truck. We’re a robust, experienced team with the support staff and the administrative capabilities that enable us to go far beyond what an average contractor can accomplish.

We want to be the company that you choose to make your apartment a home. We know that our clients shop around, so we make it a point to ease their worries. We would like to give you a few tips for choosing the best contractor.

Question Why the Lowest Bidders Are So Low

Part of the process of hiring a home renovation company is collecting bids. We know you will consider other contractors to complete your project. But don’t necessarily go with the lowest bidder: You might be setting yourself up to work with an amateur, or someone who claims to do something they can’t. If a contractor quotes an oddly low price for your renovation, chances are they are not of the greatest quality. If a contractor bids too low on a job in order to compete with his peers in the city, he might find himself unable to support himself for the duration of the project, which means you’ll quickly become his lowest priority. Hire professionals at a reasonable rate, and you’ll always be happy with the work you’ve contracted.

Ask to See the Licenses

Contractors in New York (or any state) require a license and insurance to do the work they claim they can do. Ask all bidding contractors to see their licenses and proof of insurance. At ProCraft, we know that you’ll feel more comfortable working with us if you know for sure we are properly licensed and insured. So don’t be afraid to ask us as well.

Get a Referral

One of the best ways to know if a contractor will do good work is to ask his previous clients about the experience they had during their project. Plus, you’ll probably hear a few tips from the consumer’s perspective about how best to complete a home renovation project. Feel free to contact us to get a list of referrals from ProCraft Interior’s previous clients.