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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that beginning a home renovation project can be a confusing and scary. We are sensitive to that fact that for a lot of people this will be their second largest purchase, next to the purchase of their home. So we’re enthusiastic about the chance to answer all of your questions. Below are a few frequently asked questions that we receive from clients about their home renovation needs.

How long will my home renovation project take?

The average kitchen and bathroom renovation takes about 7-12 weeks. The timeframe can vary wildly based on the materials you choose for your interior space, the time it takes to make design decisions and other factors. Rest assured we’ll do everything we can to complete the work for your interior design project as quickly as possible. And when it’s done, you’ll be able to enjoy your home again: No problems, no hassles!

Are there any special things I need to know about interior renovations that are special to Manhattan and New York City in general?

One of the best features of ProCraft’s interior renovation services is that we are especially experts with working in Manhattan. You won’t have to worry about the insurances, permits, building approvals or other issues that come up, as we’re the best in the city at handling these issues. In fact, being neighbors of yours in Manhattan, we’re more familiar with the area than most. Plus, we’ll deal with managing elevator and work times, and other details so that you can focus on your beautiful living space.